Build Out Services

Build out in South Texas

When browsing commercial real estate in McAllen, Texas, it’s unlikely that you’ll find something that suits your needs perfectly.

This is why JBC General Contractors provides build out / finishing services for commercial shells in the area. 

Below, we’ll talk about what a build out entails, and what we can to help your business get up and running.

What is a Build Out?

A build out is a type of commercial construction that involves modifying a space to fit the tenant’s needs. 

This includes everything that could be potentially involved in a construction or renovation project. We can demolish or construct new walls based on the floor plan you desire. We can also install doors, windows, flooring, and much more. Whether we need to build up a new space from scratch, or make necessary changes from the previous tenant, we’ve got it covered.

If you’re a tech or marketing company, you may require more offices within the building. If you’re moving your medical practice, you may need a bigger reception area and more examination rooms. We understand the types of layouts different businesses require, and work with you to get your setup exactly how you envision it. 

How Can I Finance the Build Out?

Renting a space can be a significant investment already before thinking about financing additional construction. In many cases, the landlord will be willing to negotiate an improvement allowance for the space. There are a variety of factors that can influence this process.

This might include the initial value of the property, whether or not the build-out will improve their investment, and the value that the tenant brings to the commercial space. 

JBC General Contractors is happy to work with both tenants and landlords to find the most affordable build-out solutions, while making sure the property is improved. Whoever oversees the project will be responsible for working with our team, making decisions in regard to changes and materials, and ultimately have the final say on any projects. 

Hiring the Right Build Out Team

When it comes to business, you can’t afford to hire a company who is unreliable and can’t meet deadlines. A professional, quality contractor will be able to define clear, reasonable expectations for work completion and adhere to that schedule. 

They’ll also be able to work with you and offer solutions that can save you on costs while sticking to your personal vision. In the cases of potential issues with your desired design, your contractor will be able to clearly explain the problems and offer creative solutions that will benefit your operation.

The Best Build Out Team in McAllen – JBC General Contractors

JBC General Contractors has over 25 years’ experience in all avenues of construction work. We’ve spent that time perfecting all of our processes to give our clients a reliable, straightforward experience that satisfies every expectation. We honor our schedules, deadlines, and vow to give you the commercial property that you have in mind.

But don’t just take our word for it – take a look at the designs we’ve created for some notable clients.

For more information about our build outs or to discuss our services, call us today at (956) 316-0777.