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Design Build construction in South Texas

Design-Build Construction Services

JBC General Contractors is a team of construction veterans that handle tilt-up wall construction and material supply. For all of your commercial and industrial construction needs, there’s no better construction team in McAllen, Texas.

One of the various construction methods used by JBC General Contractors is the design-build method of construction.

What exactly is the design-build method? How can it benefit my project? 

This guide to design-build construction will help explain the construction process, and JBC General Contractors uses it to get you results.

What is the Design-Build Method?

The design-build method is aptly named. It’s a construction method where your project is designed and built in house. As opposed to the design-bid-build process in which the architect and construction team are independent entities in the project. 

With the design-build method, JBC General Contractors serves as your one-stop contact for the entire construction process. Our team is responsible for creating the blueprints, estimating costs, pre-construction, subcontracting, building, and everything else involved. 

What Are the Benefits of Design-Build Project Delivery?

The design-build process is beneficial in that it simplifies the entire construction process. Rather than communicating ideas and managing several separate contracts, you have a single contract with one team. This team contains all of the necessary designers, engineers, builders, and so on. Design-build teams will be involved with the process from start to finish. 

This means that the same team that helps create the vision for your construction project will also be there to help with decision-making and the building process. 

Having a singular point of contact makes it far easier to communicate ideas and report concerns. It also means that your project stands a far greater chance of staying on schedule as there is no waiting on other teams to receive information or begin their part of the process. 

As the building owner, you’ll also have one contractor to hold responsible for everything that’s involved. If an issue arises with construction or the contract, there’s only one party that has to answer to you. No need to deal with nonsense or hassle that comes with finger-point or blaming other parties. 

What Does the Design-Build Process Look Like?

As the project owner, you’ll need to select your design-builder. This point of contact will then be solely responsible for every step of the process. They’ll work with you to gain guidance as to what you want your building to look like upon completion. 

From there, they’ll begin pre-construction, which involves providing you with assessments and estimates for approval. They’ll handle providing the designs and all of the necessary laymen to put the plans in motion. They’ll continue to oversee and participate in the project throughout the actual construction and until the end of post-construction. Everyone involved is there from start to finish, resulting in a seamless project from beginning to end. 

Make JBC General Contractors Your Next Design-Builder

JBC General Contractors has over 25 years’ experience with all areas of construction. There’s no team better suited to be the design-builder for your next building project. We have an expansive network of contacts that allows us to provide your project with quality materials at the best rates available. A faster, more efficient process doesn’t mean that you have to cut corners.

Be sure to take a look at our previous projects to see what we’re capable of doing for you. If you’re tired of dealing with multiple contractors at once, go with a design-building team that contains veterans in all areas. Go with JBC General Contractors.

To hire us for your next construction project, be sure to call us today at (956) 316-0777.