Tilt-Up Wall Construction

Tilt-Up Wall Construction in South Texas

Professional Tilt-Up Wall Construction Services

JBC General Contractors is a team of construction veterans that handle tilt-up wall construction and material supply. For all of your commercial and industrial construction needs, there’s no better construction team in McAllen, Texas.

What is the tilt-up method, and can it benefit your business? Our team is here to guide you through our process and help you decide if this service is right for your next commercial building project.

What is Tilt-Up Wall Construction?

The Tilt-Up method of wall construction is becoming increasingly popular in constructing industrial and commercial buildings. Rather than erecting exterior walls from the ground up, contractors create these walls horizontally on the ground and then position them where they need to be.

The process is simple. Wall slab material is poured into predefined wooden forms to create cast panels with supports already in place. Once the wall is complete, cranes will lift it into its proper vertical position and secure it into place. Once the wall is stable, the concrete construction is complete, and additional finishing work can be done to complete the design build.

Why Use Tilt-Up Wall Construction for Your McAllen Business?

Tilt-Up wall construction helps you save on labor costs, and time spent on construction. You’ll be able to finish your building quicker and save money while doing it. 

Additionally, contractors don’t have to work from elevated heights, which increase the risk of injury and possible project delays. Tilt-up walls also offer easier maintenance, energy efficiency, and hazard resistance. They are sturdier, more resistant to weathering, and save you time and costs long-term. 

Who Can Benefit from Tilt-Up Wall Construction?

Our construction process has been used to construct buildings for businesses in a timely fashion! Just like our beloved clients, others can benefit from this wall design plan such as hospitals, offices, movie theaters, dealerships, warehouses, shopping centers, and more! 

Tilt-up wall construction can effectively be used in any type of large-scale property. It’s also adjustable to suit a variety of building needs. If you’re in need of a building construction method that’s both cost-effective and secure, lean on JBC General Contractors for your next tilt-up wall building project!

Tilt-Up Wall Construction in McAllen, Texas by JBC General Contractors

Are you looking for the best team of general contractors in McAllen, Texas? JBC General Contractors is happy to assist our community in creating secure, beautiful properties. Don’t just take our word for it – take a look at our past projects created for our clients!

We’ve been in the construction business for over 20 years and continue to work toward perfecting our process. This allows us to provide you with high-quality work for the lower cost you’re looking for. You won’t find a better project management team in the industry.

To get started with your next building project using tilt-up wall construction, give us a call today at (956) 316-0777.