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Stripes Del Rio

Stripes Del Rio

JBC builds a standout convenience store for Stripes with multiple concepts integrated into one location.

Multiple challenges presented themselves during the construction of this prototype combination convenience store, lubrication center and tunnel car wash for Stripes. JBC stepped up and managed the planning, sourcing and coordination to accommodate the new materials and processes called for in this project. Getting the project underway required demolition of the existing convenience store, car wash and laundry mat on the site.

Once the site was leveled and brought up to grade by adding an additional five to six feet in some areas, one of the biggest challenges was excavating the hole for the lube center basement. Penetrating the limestone substrata required heavy machinery, jack hammers and precision surveying to avoid budget overruns. And yes, that same limestone tested our resolve as we installed a modern underground storm system that merged with a less than adequate Del Rio city sewer system. JBC adapted the new systems into the existing sewer with improvements that resulted in a much improved drainage solution for the entire site and surrounding area.

JBC executed additional enhancements to the typical Stripes convenience stores by using a new prototype exterior cladding system, adding a children’s indoor play area, and building a 5,000 square foot tunnel car wash onsite.

Completed on budget, under demanding timelines, and with multiple design changes in the process, the Stripes Del Rio store has indeed proven to be a standout project for both Stripes and JBC.