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Best Construction Site & Utility Services Services

New commercial construction projects are only successful when you lay the proper groundwork first.

JBC General Contractors is experienced in providing site and utility services to ready your property site on schedule. Here’s a look at what we can do for your next business location.

Site Clearing and Excavation

Your purchased land generally isn’t fit to accommodate a new structure as-is. It’s important to have the help of skilled and seasoned contractors who can handle the review of your property to determine what site work needs to be completed. 

Our team will work with you to recommend the appropriate services to help with clearing the site of obstructions that will interfere with your construction. This can involve not only clearing the lot, but moving and stabilizing sediment to support a proper foundation. We’ll ensure that the building site is clear and balanced to ensure that the project doesn’t face any structural issues down the line. 

We have ready access to top-of-the-line trucks and excavators to tackle any terrain issues that we face. This is essential for laying the groundwork for the site utilities and installation thereof.

Site Utility Installation

No successful construction project is complete without installing the proper utility infrastructure. Our team is fit to handle the installation and pipework necessary to ready the building for sanitation, water, gas, and electrical services. 

JBC General Contractors stands above the rest as we employ talented contractors who have experience with all types of utility work and installation. Our close relationship with suppliers allows us to utilize cost-effective materials that don’t sacrifice quality. This keeps your project on-time and under budget. 

Our engineers are also well-versed into commercial codes and regulations to ensure that your utility services will function up to standards. Sound projects start with a well-designed and well-crafted foundation.

Concrete and Paving

With the site prepared and the utility infrastructure in place, your project needs a level foundation. Our team handles concrete and paving work for not only foundations, but for entrance ways, sidewalks, patios, parking lots, and more. 

As mentioned with our site services, we can also provide the services necessary to repair and smooth out pre-existing asphalt. We can repair structural or cosmetic damages and provide any necessary streetscaping to make sure your property looks clean, new, and professional.

Site and Utility Work – JBC General Contractors

JBC General Contractors has the experience and knowledge to handle every last stage of the construction process from design planning to post-construction. For any site preparation or utility concern you have, we can not only address it but provide state-of-the-art solutions to help you get the most out of your project investment. 

Our process is streamlined and easy to understand, so that your project stays on-time and within your budget. Just take a look at the top-notch work we’ve provided for stores, restaurants, dealerships, and more!

Need a quality contractor to cover all the bases on your next project? Get in touch with JBC General Contractors today at (956) 316-0777.